Beauty Solution’s Managing Director Anna Gedman has a fantastic eye for spotting new beauty products and beauty trends. Over the years Anna has tested  beauty products before they have hit the shelves and spotted make up trends before they took off. All of the niche brands you see on our website today have been sourced by Anna. How cool is that!

When Anna finds a brand that suits her skin she sticks to it! Right now she is all about Rodial. Rodial was founded by beauty entrepreneur Maria Hatzifanis, it is celebrated globally for its use of innovative and daring ingredients that have an instant impact on the skin. We like to think of their skincare products as a face lift without the surgery. Their capsule makeup range can achieve a full look with minimal products - essential for a busy business woman like Anna.


1. Rodial Eye Sculpt 

The Rodial Eye Sculpt is my everyday makeup essential. The versatile ashy tone means I can wear it with any look - bold or natural. It has a mouse like texture that blends easily, even by just using your finger to apply. I always keep the Eye sculpt in my handbag if I want to dramatise my day time look for an adhoc evening out straight from the office.“

Makeup Artists and Editors rave about the Rodial Eye Sculpt because its suits all skin types. The tone mimics the natural shadows of your eyes, sculpting your eye contour to perfection!


2. Rodial’s Instaglam Compact Deluxe Banana Powder

“I suffer from oily break outs now and again, I find the Rodial Instagram Compact Banana Powder evens out my oily patches, and gives my skin a flawless photo ready finish when applied after my regular makeup routine. “

Great for eliminating red patches and uneven skin tones.  The Instagram Compact Deluxe Banana Powder is  a favourite with Instagram Vloggers and Beauty Bloggers globally. Recreate the “baking” trend with this iconic powder too.


3.BEE Venom Eye Cream

"This is my go to eye cream. I use it twice a day before makeup application and and after removing makeup as part of my evening routine. Ive noticed a difference around the fine lines of my eyes which often suffer due to late nights working on the lap top.”

Rodial's Bee Venom Eye Cream has a unique blend of ingredients ( including bee pollen ) that increases blood circulation gently plumping out and firming the skin around the eye area. Say bye bye to dark circles with the Bee Venom Eye Cream.


4. Snake Serum O2

Rodial's Snake Serum O2 Instantly boosts my complexion, working late can take its tole on my skin. The serum instantly makes me feel lifted. Its like a mini face lift in a bottle”

So how does Rodial’s Snake Serum O2 ingriedients actually work? The formula purifies and detoxifies the skin, protecting the face from pollution and free radicals. The serums star ingredient is  Syn-ake Dipeptide, a wrinkle freezing ingredient which mimics the effects of a Temple Viper Venom! Smoothing the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles within seconds of application! Result!



Discover more about the brand on our brand bios. For tutorials on how to use their skincare and makeup visit our Youtube channel.



 By Faeza