Will there ever be an end to our love for highlighters? Not anytime soon , 2018 is officially the year of highlighters.


Instagram-famous brand Farsali has managed to identify and secure a gap with the pink unicorn essence. By the looks of it almost every beauty influencer is using it to prime their skin. 


Considering the massive success of the first launch of Farsali the stakes are kept pretty high for the highlighter. I was particular intrigued, when I first saw the swatches circulating on Instagram it looked so dreamy.



Here's how it works: The product looks like a cream, but sets like a powder because magic #duh.



Skin takes a satiny finish with a dewy glow. Another huge perk of this product is it does not need to be set with a traslucent powder, either. With that kind of finish the product is quite versatile and can be used over your lids, lips and all over your body  for a little shimmer.




See Jelly Beam in action. Just one dot gives a massive glow..!!!




If its not already, The Jelly Beam will surely be taking over your Instagram very soon. This Highlighter is literally blinding the haters and we are living for it.







By Faeza