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Regardless of how much makeup you wear on a daily basis, or how often you exfoliate, let’s face it - the search for the best beauty products can be exhausting. As Area Manager of Spas and Salons at Beauty Solutions, I aim to bring the most advanced, popular and result-driven brands to your beauty bag whilst you sit back, relax and indulge in your favorite salon/spa treatments. Or why not indulge in some retail therapy, who doesn’t love killing two birds with one stone!?

One of my favorite go to brands at the moment is Rodial, the main reason I adore this brand is because you actually see results…FAST! At heart I’m a makeup fanatic, so when their samples landed on my desk I was like a kid in a sweet shop. From primers, tinted moisturisers, contour powders and illuminators, this make up range has everything a girl could wish for and can transform you from plain jane to Kim K in a matter of minutes - oh and the glam sticks smell like coconut (which seriously gets a big thumbs up from me)  

Here's my step by step guide on how to achieve the perfect “Friday brunch Glam” 



Before applying any makeup your skin should be hydrated and smooth – I recommend a spritz of Rodial Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic tonic followed by Rodial's Dragons Blood Moisturising Cream (applied with a gentle massaging action to boost radiance). To prep your lips use Rodial Stemcell Glam Balm Lip to get them plumped and super soft. 



Gently massage Instaglam Airbrush Primer into the skin – focusing on any dry areas (this will help the foundation look more flawless and less patchy)


Using the Rodial Foundation Brush, buff some Instaglam Skint Tint SPF 20 into the skin – this miracle foundation contains amino peptides to brighten up and even out skin tone as well as Hyaluronic acid to plump any fine lines/wrinkles.


Now for the fun part – Using the Rodial Sculpting Brush lightly stroke Instaglam Compact Deluxe Contour powder to the areas that require definition.  I recommend: underneath the cheekbones to strengthen bone structure, underneath the jawline to  slim the face and chin, across the top of the forhead to shape the face, down the sides of the nose to slim and define, under the tip of the nose to define and shorten, and finally into the eye socket line and inner eye where the bridge of the nose meets the brow bone to define and create dimension.


Apply Instaglam Compact deluxe Bronzing Powder around the hairline and 1 inch above the temples to add depth and warmth to the face. Lightly stroke across the cheekbones, and the tip of the nose (basically the areas where the sun would naturally hit your face). Gently pat hyaluronic cheek sculpt onto the apples of the cheeks and lightly blend into the skin to create a healthy glow.



My favorite part! Add lightness to the eye area by dabbing Instaglam Retouch into the corner of your eyes using your little finger and under your eyebrows. To the high point of the cheekbones to accentuate and define, to the bridge of the nose to slim and define and finally to the areas that naturally carry shadow (beneath the nose and the chin crease). Sweep over the same areas with Instaglam Compact Deluxe Illuminating Powder for a stronger highlight. (I like to focus on the top of my cheeks and work round in a C shape around my eye and up to the tail of my eyebrow).

For a seductive smokey eye, line the inner and upper waterline with the Rodial Smokey Eye Pen Black. Quickly smudge the liner with the Rodial Eye Smudge brush. Sweep over the Eye Sculpt onto the sockets and blend out using the Blending Brush (working back and two like a windscreen wiper) and blend a little product underneath to even out. Finish with Lashings of Glamolash XXL Mascara in Black and a coating of Glamstick in Blow to complete the look.

Et Voila! You are now glammed up ready for Friday Brunch!


Written by Hollie Pennington

Area Sales Manager for Salons and Spas at Beauty Solutions

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