4 Skin Care Mistakes You Are Doing and How to Avoid Them

 Most of us have a skincare routine we try to stick to on a daily basis, but why does the acne never seem to disappear or our skin even out ?

Keep reading to find out more.

 1.     Washing and Moisturizing is not enough


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We are all keen to remove makeup before bed, because that’s what every beauty expert ever talks about, but what about the steps after that? Are the tools we use really help our skin?

If you feel your skin looks dull and needs some extra boosting, then The Nip+Fab pads will completely change the game, I choose the GLYCOLIC FIX NIGHT EXTREME Skin Boosting Pads, and put them to test. After your regular face washing routine grab a Nip+Fab and gently but firmly rub around your face and neck.

Over time skin gets brighter and acne marks disappear because of the high content of  glycolic and lactic acid in each pad. Just one NIP+FAB pad a day before bed prevents blackheads, blemishes and helps in reducing acne scaring, evens skin tone and skin feels more hydrated,


if it works for Kylie...


2.     Hot showers



We all love hot showers, even in this Dubai heat we JUST CAN'T STOP . All this while I was thinking a steaming hot shower is therapeutic it helps relives tensions and relaxes muscle, lo and behold I was wrong.  What I found out the hard way was firstly, It removes too much natural oil which leads to extreme drying. And second hot water rapidly increases blood circulation rapidly which is why skin turns red which create more itch and even a rash. I would recommend trying lukewarm shorter showers instead of immediately making the switch.


We just have to save the scalding hot water for our teas.


 3.     Oily skin need hydration too

Oily Skin

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It a common myth that oily skin have enough moisture and don’t need any moisture loving, well if you have oily skin and have not been moisturizing it daily, well we have some bad news for you, What your skin does when it doesn’t receive moisture is that it will overcompensate for the loss of hydration with even more oil production, leading to breakouts.

Try the Kale light weight moisturizer and feel your skin transform. And we wonder why those zits never stopped their special appearances, So get slathering ladies and fella’s!


 4.     Skin tanning

Gigi Hadid

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Dubaians have spent most of their life in the sun, and its not easy avoiding it in this part of the world. A tan, whether on the beach or in a bed, it’s bad news.  Almost all dermatologist say it’s a BIG no no!

But we all want the golden sun kissed glow, without the harmful rays of the sun, is it even possible? That’s not too much to ask, is it?!!!!

Well go the Gigi Hadid way and slap on some fake tan for some real oo la la effect , madame la la bronzing serum and VOILA! The organic blend doesn't dry out skin either thanks to the coco water and aloe so you don't have to worry about patchiness. Sun kissed bronzed skin without any DNA cells damaged.


Your Welcome.




Written by FAEZA