Wanna slay 2017 like a boss? Here are the trending styles, cuts, and colors that will define your new year.


1.Slick Back

Photo Credit : Bustle  

The trend that was all over Spring 2017 Fashion Week.  Slick, shiny hair that looks dripping wet is a 2017 hair trend that can look just as good off the runway and IRL. Start off your look with Color Wow Root Cover Up as you will be lifting hair away from the face so we don’t want any thinness to be showing, dab the root cover around your hair line to make your hair fuller. Next apply Sachajuan's styling cream and slick all your hair back.  Finish of with Sachajuan's Strong Hold Hairspray to maintain fly away hair, voila runway ready!


2.Surfer Girl Waves


Photo Credit: Glamour Magazine 

A super chic girl trend, start of with towel-dry hair having washed your hair with the fabulous Ocean Mist Shampoo and Ocean Mist Conditioner. Start your styling by adding Sachajuan Shine Serum from mid-length to ends, spritz Ocean Mist Spray all over and let your hair air dry.  Gently tousle your hair in to sections and leave to dry naturally. Finish with a light weight hair spray all over your hair, let your hair loose and go live those Surfer Girl dreams!


3.XXL hair

Photo Credit: Kylie Jenner Instagram

Ultra-long extensions aren't going anywhere. We’ve seen them on the Kardashian’s and Rihanna in recent months, and the trend is predicted to make an even bigger splash in 2017. Achieve this head turning look with the Hersheson’s Instant Length Clip in and straighten with Titanium Ionic Professional Straighteners. Finish off with  Color Wow’s Pop & Lock to make your hair color pop and in sleek condition. The perfect look for a big evening out! 

 4.Low Pony Tail

Photo Credit Pop Sugar 

Change your pony tail from high to low – Spotted from every FROW at the Spring Summer catwalks. To replicate a fashionable low ponytail get your favourite accesories together and then prep your hair! Start with Sheer & Invisible (rio) Dry Shampoo from Colab, spray in to the roots to give your hair a clean start. Next make your hairsleek and shiny with Hershesons Ionic Hair Straighter, use Hershesons Clear Snag Bands to tie your hair together low.  If your a short haired girl we have you covered , just pop in our Invisible Straight Pony Tail repeat the steps and you are DONE. Catwalk ready!


5.The Hair Flip

Photo Credit: Brunch News 

Release your hair flip! This is the easiest trend to recreate of 2017! Add Dark Volume Powder by Sachajuan to your roots and then just do a fierce head bang and BAM! Extra volume with minimal effort! Finish off with Color Wow's Raise The Root for an extra nudge to your roots!


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