Abs Toner Replacement Pads

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Slendertone Abs Replacement Pads are suitable for all Slendertone Ab Belts (System Abs Male, System Abs Female, Premium Abs Male, Premium Abs Female, Unisex Flex). FEATURES Optimise performance The grid on the pads distributes the toning pulses evenly and effectively. This maximises comfort and optimises muscle targeting. Anti-allergenic Biocompatibility-tested, medical grade hydrogel minimises the risk of irritation (even on sensitive skin). HOW TO TONE For best results follow these simple steps: To extend the life of your gel pads, wipe your skin before toning and replace the pad covers afterwards (these are included). We recommend replacing your gel pads every 20-30 toning sessions. SPECS Included in the box: 3x Replaceable abs toning gel pads. Protective plastic covers.

To ensure optimum performance, you should change your arms pads approximately every 20 to 30 uses.

Also change your gel pads if:

- there is a change in sensation whilst using the pads,

- the visible appearance of gel pads is worn out,

- the gel pads' adhesion is reduced

Ensure you keep your pads dry and clean to avoid having to replace them too often - contact with water, sand and sweat for example will dimish their life greatly.

Contents: Pack of 3 Abdominal Toner Adhesive Gel Pads
Replacement gel pads for all Slendertone Abs belts
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