MicroSculptor No.1 The Pick

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Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the MicroSculptor is designed to perform modern therapeutic techniques to induce bio-responsive movements, resulting in improved internal & external well-being:


Gua Sha & Meridian Stimulation

Lymphatic Drainage

Connective Tissue Manipulation




Boost Micro-Circulation

Oxygenate Epidermis

Release Tension & Fluid Retention




Lift & Sculpt

Release Water Retention & Depuff

Even Skin & Translucent

No. 1 The Pick is designed for deep and precise stimulation in smaller areas like the eyes & the ears, great for activating meridian/pressure points & performing “Bo-Jin” - a Chinese stimulation technique known as “Tendon-Picking” which creates a cross-fibre massage, breaking down or decreasing the knots formed by habitual muscle tension.

Temperature Conditioning

Chill in fridge/soak in hot/warm water for 15-30 minutes before usage for enhanced efficacy and experience.



Apply 3-5 drops of 001 Serum / Concentrate across face and neck, using various parts of the MicroSculptor, massage across the skin in different directions and pressure.

Bian Stone - precious Chinese origin stone documented in ancient Chinese Emporere's Medical Dossier

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