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The highly effective EYEZONE CONDITIONING CARE COMPLEX for eyelashes and eyebrows has a threefold effect - the effective serum supports hair growth while providing care and styling! With its highly effective combination of peptide complexes and the active ingredients of the acai berries, the effective serum gives you healthy, shining, sleek and strong lashes and eyebrows. What’s more, the active ingredient of acai berries makes them stronger, providing a form of natural protection.

The result: Increased growth and up to an average of 50% stronger eyelashes and brows after only 6 to 8 weeks.


The EYEZONE CONDITIONING CARE COMPLEX is applied once a day – either in the morning or evening – on clean, dry lashes and eyebrows. Like mascara, the conditioner is applied to the lashes using a small brush. It provides care for the lashes at night and also acts as a nourishing base for coloured mascara during the day. The conditioner can also be used to fix your eyebrows, giving them a subtle shine, and increases the formation of collagen. Simply use it like an eyebrow brush over your eyebrows.

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